Since 2017, both Del Bigtree, with Informed Consent Action Network, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., with Children’s Health Defense, have been going after HHS, FDA, WHO, and CDC for their lack of ethics, their corruption, and their scientific fraud. Various lawsuits and legal requests have been filed and governing agencies are at a loss and unable to present any of the scientific data that is being requested. The lack of data isn’t surprising to those following the issue for any substantial amount of time. The science is lacking, the ethics are lacking, the integrity is lacking, and finally someone is trying to hold these corrupt entities responsible. You can read more about Del and Bobby’s work here.

Stipulated Order Showing That NIH And HRSA Have Not Acted In Their Duties Regarding Vaccine Safety

Stipulated Order Confirming Non-compliance With 42 USC 300AA-27C

Stipulated Order Showing FDA’s Off-Label Use of Vaccines During Pregnancy

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