Navigating vaccine information can be overwhelming for anyone, but especially for those without a health or science background, and even more so if you are a new parent feeling the pressure to make a decision or figure out what happened to your child/yourself. We have tried to simplify this process by compiling some basic resources all in one place.

Each icon below is linked directly to information from government websites (like CDC and FDA), court and legal documents, as well as scientific literature and additional tools you may find helpful. Our recommendation is to start at the top with the vaccine schedule and ingredient/excipient list. Next explore the 1986 NCVIA that removed responsibility of vaccine safety and efficacy from manufacturers and placed the burden of liability on the tax payers and consumers. To date, since the inception of VICP, over $4 billion of tax payer funds have been paid out to individuals and families impacted by vaccine injury and death. These injuries and payouts can be found by clicking the VAERS icon.

The corruption and fraud surrounding vaccines is rampant, we’ve showcased some of these atrocities in the additional icons, as well as some advice and resources for how to deal with medical pushback, obtaining vaccine exemptions, and some tools for your empowerment.