It has come to light over the years just how corrupt some of our government agencies may be. The CDC is not exempt from this corruption and several whistleblowers, scientists, doctors, attorneys, and journalists have been exposing the truth about the pervasive culture of corruption seeped throughout the organization. We will not attempt to relay this message in our own words because we think the legal documents and various other literary and auditory platforms speak for themselves. So, here are some links showing the deep seeded corruption and lack of ethical and moral standards employed by the CDC.

William Thompson, PhD Senior Scientist CDC public statement and emails

Andrew W. Zimmerman, MD Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology, UMASS public statement

Government Reform Committee Report 2000-Conflicts of Interest in Vaccine Policy Making

US Senate Investigation 2007 by Senator Tom Coburn-CDC Off Center

Office of Inspector General Investigation of HHS 2008-Levinson

US Office of Research Integrity director David Wright resigns “claiming pervasive scientific misconduct in biomedical research at the CDC, NIH, PHS”.