Our healthcare is established around a core principle known as INFORMED CONSENT. This term refers to a patient’s right to know all information regarding their treatment options and making a VOLUNTARY decision about the care they receive. Any omission of pertinent information, any coercion of the patient through bullying or threats, any refusal to answer further inquiries about an intervention, are all direct violations of the patient’s informed consent.

In no other realm of healthcare do we see the medical resistance to personal choice like we do when it comes to vaccines. You have a right to accept or decline any medical intervention you choose, including vaccinations. It is not your doctor’s job to make your healthcare decisions, your doctor is there to give you advice and help answer questions. YOU have the final say in what you do and do not consent to.

So, what do you do when you’re met with medical resistance? Here are a few tips from trusted healthcare and legal professionals to help navigate any unethical doctor encounters you may have:

Realize that any caregiver that is trying to bully you or manipulate your health decisions is not concerned about your well-being and is not upholding their oath/pledge to put your autonomy and choice above their beliefs. There are many ethical doctors out there that devote their lives to true caring and possess a level of integrity that their counterparts seem to have forgotten. Look for those doctors. And leave the drug pushing, pharmaceutical controlled, sorry excuses for physicians behind you.