Over the past few decades the vaccine schedule has nearly quadrupled. Prior to the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 that removed liability from vaccine manufacturers, the vaccine schedule consisted of 5 vaccines/antigens in 1962 to as many as 24 vaccines/antigens in 1983. Currently, we have over 70 vaccines/antigens on the childhood vaccine schedule recommendations from the CDC. By the time an infant is 6 months old, if they are vaccinated according to the CDC’s recommendations, they will have received as many as 25 vaccines/antigens. At 6 months old we are expected to inject children whom we are told should only JUST be introduced to foods, and even then only one at a time, with over 20 different disease antigens and countless other toxic components including known carcinogens and mutagenic agents. RED FLAG!

Click the links below to browse the childhood and adult vaccination recommendations, as well as the documented ingredients/excipients for each US licensed vaccine. A quick search for each compound’s MSDS information is helpful for better understanding the dangers associated with their use.

CDC Recommended Child/Adolescent Vaccine Schedule

CDC Recommended Adult Vaccine Schedule

CDC Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary