Aside from the inherent risks posed with injecting neurotoxins, carcinogens, and various inflammatory and immune provoking agents, the efficacy of vaccines continues to be called into question and the independent medical/scientific communities are perpetually documenting the failure of vaccines to prevent infection. In addition to these risk, consideration should also be given to what is known as viral shedding, which basically means the individual infected, or injected, becomes a carrier of the infectious pathogen(s) they’ve been exposed to, or vaccinated with. Many people are under the impression that only live virus vaccines pose this risk of “shedding”, however the data indicates that is not the case and that all vaccines carry similar risks of host and contact infection.

The following is an ongoing list of scientific and medical literature evidencing the failure of vaccines, their propensity to shed, infect the recipient and close contacts, create asymptomatic carriers, and more: