The vaccine industry would have you believe that vaccines have eradicated disease and saved millions of lives, that their vaccines are “safe and effective”, but the truth of the matter is none of those claims have ever been supported by evidence.
In order to believe that vaccines are responsible for the decline of infectious diseases and better outcomes you have to completely ignore the fact that during the same time we also gained infrastructure, indoor plumbing advancements, clean water sources, refrigeration and food preservation, and access to basic medical care.
You would also be dismissing that infections for which there is no vaccine declined at approximately the same rates as the Vaccine Targeted Infections.
You would also have to omit the fact that vaccines have been shown to cause the very infections they’re designed to prevent.
Disease eradication cannot occur using vaccines. As far as the “safe and effective” tag line, the science is clear that vaccines carry very real risks and in many cases are extremely ineffective, if not counterproductive.
Vaccines carry real risks, it is well documented in the scientific and medical literature, as well as evidenced in the subjective data obtained from public observation and the over $4 BILLION dollars paid out of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund to compensate those injured or killed by vaccines.
Dismissal of the risks is an industry tactic used to create a culture of acceptance for any recommendation made by the governing agencies. Discussing the risks associated with any medical intervention is not only a wise choice, but necessary in order for an individual to give true informed consent.
Having concerns about vaccine risks does not make someone anti-vaccination and questioning the safety and efficacy of vaccines is not a new idea.
Since the inception of vaccines there have been people, including scientists and medical professionals, who have opposed their use and pointed out the flaws in the industry science and the dangers vaccines can pose. Vaccine safety advocates have existed as long as vaccines themselves, but the issues have continuously been overshadowed by industry giants for decades. Fortunately, the age of the internet has allowed information to be shared and accessible by millions and the truth can now be obtained by anyone willing to look for it.
Citizens for Vaccine Safety Alliance is not here to convince you not to vaccinate, the goal is simply to point you to the truth and provide you with the tools to become an informed consumer and discern for yourself if vaccines are right for you and your family or whether the risk of naturally acquired infections poses less risk.